Managing dairy farms can be really challenging. We help dairy farms take the guesswork out of operations. Our smart neck collars monitor dairy cows 24/7, 365 days a year. The Installation is seamless and takes a few minutes. Cowlar was designed with care to ensure no disruption in any farm operations. Our rugged, waterproof & non-invasive monitoring system is comfortable for cows to wear & requires little to no maintenance. All cowlars run advanced proprietary algorithms combining dairy science, expert knowledge and machine learning to deliver actionable information at your doorstep.

The result: Your cows stay healthy, live longer and give more milk.

Improved reproduction rates

Your cows produce milk only after giving birth. With Cowlar, you never miss a heat cycle again ! This translates into more milking days from each cow on your farm as well as more calfs born from each cow over its lifetime. It is estimated that each missed reproduction opportunity costs dairy farmers $500 due to delayed lactation & delayed calving.

Higher profit margins

Why operate at low level of efficiencies when you can do so much better with a minimal investment providing a high ROI. Cowlar increases your productivity as we generate health alerts, detect diseases at an early stage & detect estrus. All of these combined save you tons of money by reducing treatment costs, operational costs such as extra labour & through feed optimization.

Early disease detection

The best part of technology is that it is capable of executing jobs that are beyond the reach of an average human being. While it is extremely hard for you or your labour to detect diseases at an early stage and monitor your cows 24/7 for disease symptoms, Cowlar easily does that using our next-gen sensors that constantly monitor temperature, activity & cow behaviour.

Feed optimization

Cowlar monitor your cow’s important metrics such as temperature, activity & behaviour including rumination. Based on this, we’re able to let dairy farmers compare their cow’s performance in comparison with the feed intake. This helps you optimize cow feed and balance your cow’s health and milk & reproductive performance with the monetary aspect of your business.

Operational efficiency

Think of Cowlar as your cow’s personal assistant which takes its care, 24/7. With Cowlar, we actively monitor your cow's tempertaure, activity, rumination & behaviour for any health alerts, disease symptoms, estrus detection & feed optimization. We reduce the labour work required at your dairy farm ridding you of inefficient labour & reducing operational costs and headaches.

Stress management

Scholarly articles prove that stress in dairy cows can be detected by monitoring the cow’s activity & behaviour. Our algorithms make sure that you’re alerted of any stress signs shown by your cows in a timely fashion, making it easier for you to diagnose the reason behind stress and save yourself the treatment costs as well as potential revenue loss due to falling milk yield.