Maintain high reproduction rates

Missed estrus results in lower pregnancy rates & less lactation period, significantly decreasing your farm revenue. Read more

Efficient labor

Labour does not come cheap and is hard to manage. Cowlar reduces your need of labour & the headache of manageing them. Read more

Disease outbreaks

Diseases are a source of discomfort for your cows & added costs for you. Cowlar's early disease detection helps save both, your cows & money! Read more

Managing stress

Stress in dairy cows can lead to adverse metabolic changes and have significant effects on their health and productivity. Read more

Feed optimization

What, when and how much to feed your cow are extremely important questions. Cowlar aims to optimize feed by answering these! Read more

Operational issues in larger herds

The larger your herd, the harder it gets to manage. Optimize operations with Cowlar. Read more

Low milk yields

The cause of dropping milk yields is hard to determine and has a significant effect on your farm revenue & profits. Read more

High vet costs

Vet costs are soaring high & effect your farm profits. Cowlar lets you in on early disease symptoms to minimize your veterinary treatment costs! Read more

Overuse of antibiotics

Frequent use of antibiotics has a lot of adverse effects on your cows and they don't come cheap. Read more

Visibility into operations

Larger herds are difficult to manage. With Cowlar, get live insights and set important tasks to achieve operational efficiency. Read more

Productivity & Profits

You can earn much more by keeping your cow happy, reducing labour & operational costs and optimizing feed. Read more

Low milk prices

Save your profits from diminishing by reducing feed, labour & veterinary treatment costs to counter falling milk prices around the globe. Read more

Our recommendations help farms make better data driven decisions Boost profits on your dairy farm today !

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