• Smart Neck Collars for Dairy Cows

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Streamline your dairy business! Reduce labor, make good decisions & relax while we watch over your cows!

Our smart collar helps boost reproduction increase milk yield optimize operations improve herd health maximize profit reduce headaches reduce labor costs reduce antibiotics reduce vet visits prevent diseases

Smart non-invasive neck collars monitor temperature, activity & behavior of each individual cow. Our actionable recommendations help significantly improve income on dairy farms.

What customers say...


Improved reproduction rates

Leave estrus detection to us & simply get notified on your phone. Increased lactation periods ensure higher profit generation from your dairy farm! Read more

Higher Profit Margins

Save significant amounts of money as a result of reduced treatment costs, reduced need of labour, feed optimization and relatively high milk yields. Read more

Early disease detection

Worried about disease outbreaks? We detect early disease symptoms and notify you ahead of time to reduce treatment costs & keep your cows healthy! Read more

Stress management

Get stress alerts based on cow vitals and actionable recommendations to save treatment costs & potential revenue loss due to falling milk yield. Read more

Operational efficiency

Cowlar keeps a track of your cows 24/7 without ever getting tired. Get rid of inefficient labour, reduce operational costs & increase your profits! Read more

Feed optimization

We monitor your cow's rumination and compare it with the feed intake. Save up on your expenses and keep your cows happy & healthy by optimizing feed. Read more

Use Cowlar to make more money on your dairy farm

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